Fire Walk With Me

Fans of Twin Peaks will remember that this is the exterior shot of the Great Northern Hotel. The husband, who is a huge fan of Twin Peaks was pretty excited to be seeing the hotel and waterfall in person.

I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl, so this hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, up to the ledges was grueling, in my Chuck Taylors, no less. Converse sneakers are NOT made for hiking, if anyone ever thought of hiking in them. Another thing, I am scared of heights, like I get vertigo kinda scared, which J does not understand, because on the ledges, he was running around, jumping around like a g*ddamn mountain goat. Scaring the crap outta me, because I kept thinking, oh my god, what if he loses his footing. Though, I will admit that once we got up there, the view was gorgeous. Made me feel small in the scope of the breath of nature's amazing awesomeness.

This is Rattlesnake Lake that you have to walk around to get to hike trail. That area had a pretty dry summer, so most of the lake has receded and we were able to walk across the lake. All that brown area is where we walked across.


  1. Amazing! I would have been just like you. I'm so not outdoorsy. Sounds like you two had a wonderful trip to Seattle! My cousin lives in Oregon, I really should go out for a visit.

  2. Yes, we had a great trip, especially getting to hang out with J's brother. I heard Oregon is beautiful and Portland is super progressive city. J talks about wanting to visit that city all the time. Hope you can make that trip after you get better. xoxoxo