Grateful Friday

  1. Rain for three days and sunny for four
  2. Kisses from the husband
  3. Fantastic Tuesday class
  4. Little Girl learned how to fetch
  5. YumYum, I can't stop showering him with kisses


  1. What a lovely day! How are you? I miss you. I still need to post about my pay it forward earrings. I am visiting my mother for the week and helping her clean out all of her closets! Does that count? LOL No, I would have done that anyway. I'll come up with something good, promise.

    Around this weekend? I'll be home on Saturday if you want to get together? My Mom may come with me.

  2. Hello Rebecca!
    whenever you get to the pay it forward is fine. There is no rush, whenever you're ready! Hope you're having a great time withyour mother, let's talk about this weekend later!