we gotta winnah!

So, when I first started this blog a whole two weeks ago, I wanted to start with a little giveaway to create some goodwill. Now the time has come to do the random draw......drum roll, please.......... Okay, here's the deal.....out of the three comments, one of them is mine. Since there are two comments and I happen to have made two of them, so I'd like for both to get a pair. Congratulations to my girl Rebecca and to the lovely and gracious Ms. PVE (who also is the first blogger besides friends to read and comment, I will forever remember you as my first).


  1. Oh, I am thrilled to win these little lovelies. Once they arrive I shall post them on my blog.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Oh yeah! I'm so excited. I will also post them on my blog and list what my act of goodwill will be. I have a few ideas running through my head but think I may want to do something for the American Diabetes Association due to my recent diagnoses. :)

  3. Ladies, congratulations! I will be sending them out tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!