Holiday seasons seems to raise the stress level for most people. Somehow the season of giving has turned into giving and expecting the hottest toy, hottest electronic item, the hottest, latest whatever. Another stress inducing holiday experience is the experience of the physical shopping activity. Just writing these stressful thoughts are raising my stress level, I feel a tightening in my stomach that is telling me, "I don't want that stress!". To honor that, I will...

  • breathe, when I catch myself holding my breath
  • meditate
  • yoga (breathing, moving meditation)
  • practice mindfulness in my thoughts, movements, gestures and interactions
  • daily grateful list

How do you/will you deal with the stress or non-stress of this holiday season? I would really love to know.

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  1. Wonderful message. I need to do the same. More issues with my spine. :( I'll need your guidance when I get home. Still feel like practicing some coaching and reiki on me? I have my massage table in my basement now.

    Miss you.

  2. Lady! Where ya been? I'm sorry to hear about your spine issues! Of course I am here for you and I'm up for whatever you'd like to work on. xoxo