Rawin Loud & Clear

Last night my best friend V and I checked out this raw place in Williamsburg. I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy and love the food. I will admit that I only went because V is going through a stressful situation and needed some support and distraction, I suggested that she get out of the house and offered my support, so she chose this place for dinner. I am thankful that V chose Rockin Raw, it opened me up to raw food, it is simply amazing. I didn't need to eat too much but felt full and satisfied for a long time. The fullness felt like a light, clean, happiness in the tummy, unlike being full from processed food, which brings down my energy and I can feel the emptiness in my tummy from lack of real nutrients in the food. My consciousness around food shifted last night and I had this epiphany of what food means to me. Not to sounds too corny, but it really felt like a life changing experience.

Our menu last night was...


“Crab Cakes” with Creamy Dill Sauce
-made with sea vegetables, zucchini, mushrooms, seeds, macadamia, and many spices-

Jicama a la Huancaina
-served with olives and peruvian corn kernels (choclo)-
Huancaina is a popular peruvian yellow spicy cheese-like sauce,
it's unique taste comes from the Ají Amarillo (peruvian yellow pepper).


Raw Boy Sandwich with Cajun Mayo
-a smooth fluffy filling of sea vegetables, seeds, celery, onions, etc served with Soul Chips and Creole Slaw, in our essene bread-

Rockin' Raw Burger Platter
-rich rich R R burger made with eggplant, seeds, mushrooms, walnuts, spices, etc-
(served with Southern Greens, pickles, N'awlins Rings and ketchup)

Everything was delicious, period. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of the plates, but V did. I will link to it when she gets around to blogging about it.

Rockin Raw

178 North 8 Street Brooklyn New York 11211 718 599 9333

Cross Street Driggs

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