Happy Lunar New Year

2010 is the Year of the White Metal Tiger...hold on to your hats! I'm the Year of the Rat.....this should be an interesting year for me, actually for everyone. What's your sign?

Below is the metal tiger year prediction, it's a little on the long side. If you like this kind of stuff, it's a fun read.

Year of the Tiger
February 14, 2010 to February 3rd, 2011
THE YEARS OF THE TIGER (1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

The Metal Tiger year starts on February 14, 2010. For western world types, the date is doubly significant because it falls on Saint Valentine's Day. Music Maestro Please! Drum rolls and festivities for everyone and of course extra loving for lovers everywhere.

Tiger years are notoriously turbulent. Political unrest, coups d'├ętats, and natural catastrophes often strike during these action-packed years. So... if you were born under an active, energetic and even slightly rebellious New Astrology sign, you will be drop-dead-in love with this coming year's rambunctiousness. If, on the other hand, you prefer quietude, security and serenity, 2010 might not star as the most tranquil year of your life.

If you love movement and surprises, you will be in your element. But if you are someone who loves deep, quiet forest silence and solitude, in the Metal Tiger year, you may feel like crawling back under the covers and waiting out the tumult.

During a Tiger year, nobody should leap before he examines any forthcoming venture or adventure. The Tiger, though noble and honorable, endows a year with uncertainty and danger. Tigers never know where they might place their next paw. In Tiger years it is incumbent upon the rest of us to face head-on collisions with our own reversals. When we least expect calamity, it surges out of nowhere. Same goes for extreme pleasure and breath taking thrills. Much willpower and wisdom is required of us during these testy times. Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life. Luckily, on February 2 of 2011, the ride will be over. Cat/Rabbit will be tiptoeing in to set things to rights in his or her own quiet way - and with dignity.

2010 will be a volatile year, engendering clashes and disputes in every part of the world - and even in families and love matches. This year will start with a bang. In the first half, everything will seem to be expanding, then exploding. But the year slowly winds down toward December and will end more serenely than it began. But hold on to your hats because 2010 is earmarked for sudden skirmishes, disagreements, disasters, ecstasies and gratifications of all stripes. Tigers, after all, are excessive.

2010 will also be a year for temerity about daring to change, for erasing the past and starting over. Nothing small or measly will happen. Think large scale everything. The Tiger also infuses the atmosphere with his courage and pluck. In 2010, we won't always feel safe. But we will often be excited and exhilarated. This will be a year for extremes in both misery and joy. Fortunes can be made and oh so quickly be gone up in smoke. The tendency is for dramatic upheaval. You leave your spouse and immediately get married to a lover with whom you almost know at the start that you can never find long term harmony. You sell your home and decide to move into a condo and right away feel cramped and nostalgic for your big sprawling house. Or you may change jobs midstream, just dash away from a sweetheart, move to a new city or country. Tiger years are about startups, new beginnings and espousing change. That is what make them so dashing and exciting to certain members of the New Astrology roster. And so absolutely shiveringly frightening to others.

In 2010, people get up to astonishing deeds on the spur of the moment. They suddenly take off on an expedition to the South Pole or they decide to move the whole family to Australia from Manitoba or Bedlam, Idaho. In this year, Transition is favored. If you have been dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer after years of digging in a mine, now's the time. Pick up and change your life. Or else you'll have to accept to be cowering in a corner with your teeth chattering as you watch the whirlwinds go by.

Heads of state and heads of household alike may allow their tempers to rage. Diplomacy seems to be a thing of the past. Likewise, secrets will be outed in the wink of an eye, unusual health problems will arise out of nowhere and your friends may go AWOL without so much as a whisper of a why. We will all feel abandoned at one time or another during this Tiger year, because the nature of the tawny beast is to turn tail and decide to change his stripes at a moment's notice. Where? What? Huh? We will all do a lot of head shaking and wondering what the hell just happened. No logic or reasoning can figure it out. So stop trying the very first day of the year and instead (because it's Valentine's Day) take your sweetie out for a super candlelight dinner and gear up for a full year of feisty turbulence - white knuckles and all.

Relationships, contracts and agreements requiring mutual confidence and collaboration may prove unsound and leave us gasping. This is often a difficult time and shakes us up. But the flip side is that it leaves us with a chance to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start all over again. This Tiger year will offer us all the courage we need to face adversity and wriggle out of tight spots.

Tigers are vigorous people who know how to carry heavy emotional weight and brave sticky legal situations. They willingly (and sometimes thoughtlessly) pounce on lost causes, sinking ventures and failing businesses. To this year, the Tiger brings derring-do and impulsive fearlessness. You may meet with some major obstacles. Don't panic. The Tiger is not vengeful. He doesn't hold a grudge. But he does expect you to overcome those obstacles and return to the fray wearing a triumphant smile on your formerly disappointed face.

The Tiger's impulsive spirit will no doubt touch everyone's life. If ever you were planning to pull off some chancy caper or make an uncharacteristic flash decision, go for it. The Tiger will be on your side.

If you are a Pisces/Goat, a Libra/Cat/Rabbit or another of the "softer" New Astrology™ signs , you may be shaking in your boots. Relax. The Tiger is an effusive character who, despite his penchant for quarrel and collision, is a veritable warehouse of merriment and a fund of dazzlingly novel ideas to amuse and delight you. If you like inventive, cheerful, intense and edgy people (and who doesn't?), you can look forward to a rollicking 2010.

KARL LAGERFELD, a celebrated Tiger fashion designer, said on French TV today "I love everything that fashion is criticized for. I live for change and tearing down the past to build the future. That's what (Tigers and) fashion is all about."

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