In the Mood for Decorating

Inspired by the picture from the last post of this picture, I headed out to Mood Fabrics on Saturday with my friend, Lifestyles of the Chic & Vegan. Here is a not so hot snapshot of Mood's upholstery section. If you like that kind of stuff, seriously, it's like being a kid in a candy store. I could have spend the whole day in there and spent all kinds of money, if my hubby wasn't waiting for me at home for brunch.

Again, a not so hot snapshot of a print that I loved. I'm not usually drawn to purple, but for some reason, all I look at are purple these days. So, I found this print in purple that will be used for the window treatment and I'm thinking the contrasting yellow for bed skirt.
Here is the loot from Mood....the purple print uphostery fabric-window treatment, brown sheer nylon will be sunblocker in the husbands office, the black perforated faux leather will eventually become a vegan hobo bag, and the yellow with black feathered water color print velvet will become a tunic dress.
Here is a glimpse of the fabric temporarily hung on the window rod so I can get a feel for it. I'm totally loving it!
I thought I'd just throw this in...can you spot the little girl? So this is what it looks like from the street looking up and seeing those pointy little ears.


  1. You get to shop at Mood! I would empty my bank account if I ever got to do the same :)

  2. I had to use a lot of restrain and I still spent way too much!