My first love is watercolor, it's the first media that I became proficient at to express the stuff going on in my head in a coherent way. Whenever I see photographs that have a watercolor quality I am mesmerized, I actually start seeing brush strokes and color drips. Okay, I know that sounds crazy.

This Korean fashion spread was photographed by Kim Kyung Soo. It's so beautiful. I also feel a connection to this as a Korean, growing up wearing these traditional Han Bok for Korean holidays. I remember being stared at as a girl in an all caucausian neighborhood. They had never seen anything like it. A few years later, the neighborhood started changing and you started seeing women wearing saris, men in turbans, men practicing tai chi, cheongsam at the market, then I stopped getting stared at.

via automatism via alisabloh


  1. I love the color mixes...pale green and gray is my favorite in the first photo. It's all lovely.

  2. these pictures are stunning - i agree with the others, the colour palette is beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow. Those are some gorgeous photos. Lovely.

  4. These don't look like photograph but painting... Gorgeous color palette!

  5. oh so pretty, Korean & um, hello- kitties!!! couldn't be more perfect, you should post your wedding han bok! I am back in blogland!

  6. They were staring because you're beautiful! :)

    Not sure of you follow the Olympics but Kim Yu-Na from Korea is going to take the gold in woman's figure skating. She's perfectly graceful!