This weekend, hubby and I went to his cousins wedding in New Hampshire. We were looking forward to cross country skiing, ice skating on the lake, all that fun stuff. Since this weather has been wacky, Vermont and New Hampshire area barely got any snow. Huh? Can you believe that? Sigh, no cross country skiing. But we did get to ice skate on the lake behind the hotel. Um...I haven't skated in a very very very long time. I fell three times, bruise on each knee and a painful whopping bruise on my left butt! Ouch!

The bottom picture is the church where the ceremony took place. That area in New Hampshire looked so much like Sleepy Hollow.


  1. Luis took me to Vermont for our second Valentine's together (which shows you how long ago THAT was) and we went Cross Country Skiing. It was fun! How I didn't break my leg then is a miracle lol.

    Oh and Baltimore has all of their snow!

  2. Sounds like a lovely was to spend valentine's weekend together. I didn't know this about you, will have to ask you for more details when I see you!